Xanthus is the immortal horse that Achilles rode into battle. Achilles had been warned by his mother Thetis, a goddess of the sea, that if he went to battle he would perish. Naturally, Achilles didnít listen to his Mother...
Xanthus is based in both Seattle and New York and can manage effective public relations and media campaigns anywhere in the world. At a moment's notice, we can call on our partners in Paris, Rome, London, Tokyo, New Delhi, Beijing and Cairo to help implement our strategies.
Xanthus offers efficient and customized public relations services for both individual experts and companies. Xanthus offers full-service traditional public relations services along with current Web 2.0 practices.
Be famous for what you do. Xanthus provides public relations services to people so that they can become famous for who they are and what they do.
Xanthus takes pride in its ability to offer sensitive public relations for companies and individuals who require the utmost in care, courtesy, discretion—delicate management of their public reputation.

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